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Bear Camp

Campers entering 2nd and 3rd grade

These are exciting ages for campers at Sewataro. Groups in Bear Camp have the full complement of camp activities including tennis, canoeing and kayaking on their own, archery, and the extremely popular Adventure Challenge (zip-line, low and high ropes courses, and climbing tower). At Sewataro, we honor the fact that this is a time when campers are developing independence, while balancing it with the fact that they still need kind supervision and encouraging instruction. We start to see real development of physical skills as coordination develops and of interpersonal skills as children become more aware of their role in the larger group as a whole. As a result, Bear campers are able to handle more group initiatives and are given plentiful opportunities to apply their social skill learning in the camp surroundings. The schedule and program are designed to allow our 2nd and 3rd graders to flourish during their time at Sewataro.

Supervisor: Ellen Vedora (please visit our Meet the Staff page to find out more about Ellen).


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Horseback Riding

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Instructional Swim

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Low Ropes

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Music Studio

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Name the Game

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Rock Climbing

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Street Hockey

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Target Paintball

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Bear Sample Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-9:15 Opening Exercises
1st Period
Adventure Challenge Tennis Paintball/Golf Canoeing/Kayaking Name The Game
2nd Period
Free Swim Instructional Swim
3rd Period
Crafts Fishing Cooking Gardening Music Studio
11:30-12:30 LUNCH
4th Period
Nature Variety Soccer/Frisbee Adventure Challenge Friday Special Event
5th Period
Instructional Swim
6th Period
Basketball/Street Hockey Archery Drama Campcraft
2:45-3:15 Group Time & Snack
3:15-3:45 Closing Exercises

As you know, the greatest joy of a parent is seeing happiness in their children. Both of my kids had the best summer. Every day they would get off the bus with huge smiles. Every Saturday and Sunday they would sulk that it wasn’t a camp day. My son told us “Sewataro is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me” (granted he’s only 7!). My daughter really developed confidence this summer, and I feel Sewataro was so helpful to her growth. The counselors are incredible role models, have such great energy and excitement and it makes camp so enjoyable. The other aspect of Sewataro that I think is so important is that it teaches values. Not only do the kids have a great time, but they come home learning to respect others, and treat everyone well.

Concord, MA