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What You’ll Gain

☑️ Confidence

Become a hero to your campers, and make a genuine impact in their lives!

☑️ Community

A place where you truly belong, with an amazing community of people who are like summer family! (#campfriendsarethebestfriends)

☑️ Cred!

This is so much more than “just” a summer job; it is an opportunity to build the skills that will make your resume or college application stand out.

☑️ Character

Become the very best version of yourself!

☑️ Cheer

The undeniable spirit of Sewataro is contagious! Singing, cheering, playing, swimming, and having fun, every single day!

Staff Testimonials

“At the start no one knew me, but at the end almost all my campers were giving me goodbye hugs

Jack, 1st year staff member

“For me, I noticed myself really growing into a strong leadership role and further becoming more outgoing and open to new experiences and talking to new people.

Taylor, 1st year staff member

“I grew in my own confidence and ability to trust my decisions.

Shannon, 8th year staff member

“I grew in so many ways. Having the ability to step back for a bit, observe what I could, help out in any way I could, and be involved every day enabled lots of growth in me. Shifting my mindset from an all-action sports guy to a low-key, intuition mentor helped me discover a new side of myself.

Peter, 7th year staff member

“Personally, I saw myself enjoying the work as I got more involved in the traditions and events.

Mac, 1st year staff member

“I became more confident in my leadership skills. I learned effective ways to connect with campers and help them whenever they felt sad.

Katharine, 1st year staff member