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Each group eats a picnic lunch together every day

Each child brings a lunch and beverage with the camper’s full name and group on it. Beverage containers should fit in the lunch bag. We do not allow glass on the camp grounds. We ask that you not send nut butter sandwiches or any nut products in your child’s lunch. In addition, please check all food labels to be sure they do not say “contains nuts,” “may contain nuts” or “processed on machinery that also processes nut products.” Please see Food Policy for more details.

We refrigerate lunches as soon as campers arrive! Please do not include a freezer pack with your child’s lunch – and we ask that you please choose a smaller lunch bag in lieu of a larger “cooler” type box. Campers have lunch at 11:30 a.m. and are encouraged to wash or sanitize hands before eating.

Sewataro also partners with a third party company – Red Apple Lunch by Eva’s Little Kitchen of Bedford – to provide an optional lunch ordering option to our families.


Eva’s Little Kitchen is a “scratch style kitchen,” cooking and baking everything in-house including the bread on their sandwiches! They use the highest quality ingredients in their meals; all meats are nitrate free and dairy and produce are local and/or organic. Learn more about the chef and check out the menu!