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CampMinder is our online data management system. You will use the program to apply for camp, fill out forms, view photos and videos during the summer, view/update your information and more.

To login to your account: CampMinder Login, use the same email address and password you used to apply. You can also access this link at any time from any page on our website by clicking on “Log In” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once logged in to your account, you’ll see the following headings:

  • Online Community
  • Forms Dashboard
  • Your Camper
  • Your Family
  • Your Account

Under the headings are various links with a short description of what you can do at each link.

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Forms Dashboard

All of the forms you will need for camp are now online.

Forms & Documents
To access and manage your camp forms, you will use the Forms & Documents link. There is an icon shown to the left of each form indicating the form type. The legend at the top shows what each icon means:

  • “Online” forms are those that you can fill out and submit online (no printing/mailing necessary).
  • “Download (PDF)” forms are those you should download, print and complete. You have a choice to mail or scan and email these forms to us, or you can upload the completed form into your CampMinder account using the upload link to the right of the form.
  • “Fax-back” is a technology that we are not currently using.
  • “Document (PDF)” is an informational document that is only meant to be read, there is no action required for these forms.
  • “Mailed to you” is a form that you will receive in the mail (none currently).
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Each child in your family will have their own section with the forms available listed underneath his/her name.

  • Bold forms are required.
  • Green forms have been received.
  • Some forms have a “more info” link within the title – click on those links for an explanation of how to submit those forms.
  • There will also be a section for Family forms and documents. These are forms that will apply to all of the children in your family.

Please note: The bus and/or parent driver form that you need will not show until you first fill out the “Transportation and Extended Day Options” form. This form lets us know how you intend to travel to camp which then prompts the bus and/or parent driver form to appear for you.