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Fox Camp

Campers entering K and 1st grade

The Fox Program allows our kindergarten and 1st grade campers to enjoy the full Sewataro experience within a developmentally appropriate schedule and under the guidance of child-care professionals. With our careful attention to their programming and staffing and our investment in their special facilities, we have created an ideal place for young children to grow socially and physically during the summer.


All their activities are tailored for success at these ages from carefully selected crafts projects, to playing puff hockey instead of field hockey, to enjoying canoe rides at boating. Just like all Sewataro campers they work toward weekly spirit awards, perform at closing exercises, and participate in the famous Sewataro Friday Special Events.

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Each Fox group has an experienced child care professional as a Head Counselor. Along with their assistants, they remain with the group throughout the day. Visit our Meet the Staff page to meet Fox Supervisor Molly Cohen.


Fox camp has it’s own mini basketball court, shady playing fields in the meadows that are closer to the tent area, so young legs don’t have to walk so far, and an Adventure Kingdom complete with a trolley to give them a taste of the thrill that awaits when they are old enough to try the zip-line. In addition, they have their own Magic Treehouse and, of course, the ever popular Sewataro Sand Kingdom and Fox Village.


Fox campers enjoy a mix of the following activities throughout the course of a week.

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Adventure Kingdom

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Fox Archery

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Creative Arts

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Instructional Swim

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Puff Hockey

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Rock Climbing

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Sand Kingdom

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Fox Village

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Fox Sample Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-9:15 Opening Exercises
1st Period
Soccer Campcraft Creative Arts Canoe Rides Fishing
2nd Period
Free Swim Instructional Swim
3rd Period
Music & Movement Puff Hockey or Golf Adventure Climbing Wall* Treehouse Time
11:30-12:30 LUNCH
4th Period
Kickball Basketball Variety Whiffleball Friday Special Event
5th Period
Instructional Swim
6th Period
Crafts Creative Arts Tennis Nature
2:45-3:15 Group Time & Snack
3:15-3:45 Closing Exercises

* weeks 1 and 5; Sand Kingdom other weeks

My daughter had the most amazing time! She woke up every day excited for camp and then came home with a huge smile singing camp songs and sharing stories about the wonderful things she did all day. Her counselors were simply outstanding. I visited camp twice and could see immediately why she loved her counselors so much. They were always so kind, thoughtful, fun and carried huge smiles on their faces —clearly they love their jobs. My daughter developed such wonderful relationships with her counselors and as a parent, we felt so comfortable that our daughter was with such kind and caring people who always had her safety and well being top of mind. I loved my summer camp as a child and am so glad I can give my daughter a similar experience. Sewataro is a magical, wonderful place.


Wayland, MA