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Our Sudbury Home

Camp Sewataro operates on a unique and beautiful Sudbury-owned property, offering rolling meadows, ponds and pine groves rarely found in suburban neighborhoods.

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The town of Sudbury purchased the land from the former owners, the Taylor Family, in 2019. They also selected an operator to preserve the camp operations in order to manage the property and generate revenue to help offset the purchase price and operating expenses for the site. This began a new and exciting, mutually beneficial partnership between the camp and the town. Camp Sewataro continues to operate as before and in turn, is responsible for maintaining the land and facilities and helps to facilitate the use of the property by Sudbury residents. Following a long-standing commitment to excellence, we take great pride in maintaining the facilities and natural beauty of this property and helping to secure its future as a community asset. Click Here for more info for Sudbury Residents.

Somehow, someway, you create a bit of magic on a wooded property in the middle of the suburbs. The kids don’t want a summer without Sewataro.

Michelle, Sudbury

The Waterfront

The heart of the property are its two ponds. The 3/4 acre swimming pond is gunnite lined with a sand bottom and beach. Beyond the swim pond is the 3 acre fishing and boating pond. Last, the property has 4 heated training pools, 3 of which are a set depth: 2 1/2 feet, 3 feet, 3 1/2 feet and then one that ranges from 4-5 feet.

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Playing Fields

A variety of grassy fields are found throughout the property and are used for campers’ sports activities. In addition to the 3 large fields seen when entering the property, there is a volleyball field, softball field and two special shaded fields referred to as “the Meadows” where our youngest campers enjoy their sports activities.

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Sewataro has 3 courts - a large basketball court, small basketball court and tennis & pickleball courts.

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Challenge Course

The Sewataro Challenge Course includes a ropes course with 16 high and low elements, a zip line, a climbing wall and the Fox Adventure Kingdom. These four parts of the Challenge Course are found throughout the property and multiple areas are in use on any given camp day.

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Buildings & Pavilions

The majority of the structures on the property are open air pavilions. There are 9 of these ranging in size from 240 sq.ft. to the largest 4,000 sq.ft. Liberty Lodge. The few buildings include the Arts & Crafts building, the Barn, the winter & summer offices and the Junior Camp house.


In addition, the property has other unique highlights, like the Sewataro Garden, “Fox Village” play area, Gaga Pit, a natural ampitheater referred to as “The Grassy Bowl”, a golf driving & pitching range and putting green, and more!

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