Red Sox Day

In honor of game 6, Cheryl proclaimed today Red Sox Day in the office and we all wore our Sox gear to work today. This is just another reminder of why I love camp. In camp, and in life, it’s so healthy and important to do things just for the fun of it.

We all have a goofy side and it’s an important part of who we are. There are so many places where it’s inappropriate to share this goofy side. Camp gives kids a place where this part of who they are is celebrated and encouraged.


How is it encouraged? Take a look at this photo of Waterfront Supervisor, Hannah, in her ski racing outfit, amping up the camp crowd for the annual Sewataro Olympics. She is an expert at fun. Campers feel comfortable letting their silly side show because of role models like Hannah. People who don’t take themselves too seriously and can appreciate the joy in life.

What a gift!

Hannah 2

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