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Why is it important that children have positive role models? Because role models provide a lens through which children learn to view the world.

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Children learn from listening, watching, and thinking about the people they encounter as they go about their daily routine.

So, it’s important that they encounter some positive people in that daily routine.

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How can you tell if a camp counselor is influencing a camper? Just watch. The influence of a camp counselor is reflected in the camper’s behavior. Campers observe how counselors talk, dress, walk, and interact with one another.

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At camp, children are constantly observing how counselors resolve conflicts and manage different emotions and relationships within the camper group.

One of our parents emailed to say, “After attending Sewataro, my kids play better together and require less parental supervision. I don’t worry about their transition to kindergarten anymore.” How does such a transformation happen? Under the supervision of a terrific role model, campers learned how to work and play together in a group.

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A great camp counselor can impact a child’s life far beyond the summer they spend together. Great camp counselors know this and handle that responsibility with great respect.

At Sewataro, we are always on the lookout for great camp counselors. They are our greatest resource!

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Click on the video below to see one of the many staff performances from this past summer. Our counselors love to entertain and campers love to see their counselors perform!