The campgrounds are carpeted in golden pine needles and the trees are ablaze with color. As some of our animal friends begin to prepare for migration or hibernation, we are activating our plans for next summer.

Check out these photos:

sports shed found 1

We are building a new equipment shed to house all of our sports equipment. For some time now, we have been aware that our storage space was reaching maximum capacity. With our Program Supervisor Brian Grigsby bringing in all sorts of ideas for new games and new equipment, we need a larger space to house all of it.

sports shed found 2

Our overnight tents (we will be purchasing more of these due to the popularity of the overnights!), as well as large inflatable sports balls, along with special equipment used for our Friday Special Events, will all find a home (neatly shelved and labeled, of course!) in this new equipment building.

Have you heard of the term broom clean condition?

cleaning the pond

The term broom clean has become the standard real estate lingo for the condition in which a landlord should expect tenants to leave their apartment or buyers should expect sellers to leave their house.

But in Camp Sewataro’s case, it is how we clean our swimming pond. Mark Taylor has literally swept the bottom of the swimming pond clean in preparation for next summer. We go above and beyond in our annual cleaning!!

Even as we savor the beauty of the fall season, we look eagerly forward to the coming summer.