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Last year we introduced a new program called Senior Camp. We recognized the need for a special program for our oldest campers – rising eighth graders. We found the program to be very successful, as we received positive feedback from campers and parents alike.

This summer, we have decided to expand the program by including rising seventh graders and by increasing the staffing for the program.

What makes Senior Camp different? Well, from the schedule to staffing, we have changed things up a bit. It is a coed program. The boys are in the Zuni tribe and the girls are in the Hopi tribe, but their schedule is combined and they travel throughout the day as a unit.

Their schedule allows for more choice. For example, during one block, campers can decide if they want to play a sport, or participate in a creative activity. The schedule adds some new activities for past campers looking for a change. We have created a woodworking shop and stand-up paddleboarding will be new equipment available for use during the boating activity. We double-booked some of the more popular activities for older campers, like Music Studio and SOAR (the zipline, rock wall, low and high ropes courses). This will give senior campers more time to delve into an activity.

As for staffing, we have two “rock star” counselors leading the way!


Meghan Norton returns for her fifth year at Sewataro. She piloted the Senior Camp program last year. During the academic year, she is a Guidance Counselor at Mount Alvernia High School in Newton. She holds a BA in Psychology from Dickinson College, and an MS in School Counseling from
Northeastern University.

Mike Vic

Mike Victory, affectionaly known as “Vic” to his campers, returns for his sixth season at Sewataro. Mike is a baseball pitcher who was a two-year captain of the St. Mary’s College baseball team. He has his Master’s of Teaching from St. Mary’s College in Maryland. He can’t wait to further expand the possibilities of Senior Camp.

With two dedicated counselors, Senior Campers will be able to take advantage of the choices available to them. We love to keep growing and expanding our offerings. We think rising seventh and eighth grade campers are going to love their time in Senior Camp!

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