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Our own Mr Grigsby has already begun helping us improve our programming. We will introduce SNAG golf to our campers this summer.


SNAG’s modified golf teaching system integrates specially designed equipment and instruction that teaches all aspects of the game: physical, mental and emotional.

The benefits of the SNAG Coaching System:

  • Utilizes a multi-station and play approach

  • Incorporates the “How and Where” each shot is played

  • Includes the use of training tools to build proper motor skills

  • Designed for ALL players

  • Heavy focus on player self correction

  • Utilizes stations to teach the various strokes and swings

  • Provides a safe environment for all players

Initially, we thought SNAG equipment and teaching techniques would be used only for our Fox section campers. But, we are seeing how much fun this equipment can be to use and how beneficial it is for player development.

So, we ordered more!! Look out, Bear and Eagle sections. You, too, will be trying this out.

And after we decided to add SNAG equipment to our programming, we found out that Michelle Obama has become a fan!

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