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A flash mob rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance wrapped up another great week at Sewataro. As we look ahead to the 6th week of our summer, one thing stands out as our strongest asset: our staff. Each day we are pleasantly surprised at how many individuals go above and beyond in so many unexpected ways.

There is the counselor that makes the 15th middle-of-the-night bathroom trip on the Overnight. And the supervisor who spends the entire weekend planning a Friday Special Event. There’s the staff member who signed on for Extended Day, working 11 hour days and showing incredible energy. Don’t forget the counselor that spends their personal time making charts, letters, buckets for positive reinforcement for their tribe or the office staff member who stays well after everyone has gone home to make sure the clipboards are updated with important information. There’s the Crafts counselor that, in addition to her full time work, spends hours creating beautiful costumes for a Friday. And the counselors who leap for joy at being chosen to be an Olympic captain, even though it means extra work for them.

Why do they do it? Because they care deeply about your children. They are silly so that campers learn that laughter helps make life easier. They participate in everything so campers learn that you don’t have to be the best, it’s trying your best that matters. They pore over the camper profiles and learn as much as they can about each child. They celebrate each camper as an individual, giving them a place where they can be who they are, whoever they are, and be celebrated for it.

Every year at staff training, we tell staff members “camp is the counselors” and it is so true. We are very fortunate to have another talented team this summer! All of us are excited for another great week.

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