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2015 Holiday Party Monica

This past Saturday we held our annual Staff Holiday Party, and a record-breaking number of counselors (past and present) arrived to catch up, reminisce and spend a few hours out of the holiday hustle and bustle to be with their summer family. It’s truly a pleasure to have a staff who enjoy being together as much as ours!

At the party, we debuted the long-awaited and arguably most anticipated [non-Star Wars] video of the holiday season: The Sewataro Promo Video! The staff was delighted, and we watched with grateful hearts as they were able to see what we see all throughout the summer: happy campers having the time of their lives, being led,instructed and encouraged by nurturing, attentive, fun and involved counselors. “Summer as it should be” is our tagline, and this video really illustrates that point.

So without further ado…here it is. We hope it adds as much joy to your holiday season as it has to ours. (And, keep your eye out for a shorter version of this video that will appear on our website in the New Year.)

We’re already counting the days until camp comes alive again with the sounds of cheers, chants, laughter and songs. Until then…

Wishing you and your family the very best in the New Year, and our sincerest thanks for sharing your terrific children with us.