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If you mention Gaga to school-aged children, chances are their responses will be along the lines of “Cool!” And, “I love Gaga!” Mention it to an adult and chances are you’ll be met with some head scratching, followed by, “Is that what the young people are calling the first few rows at a Lady Gaga concert?” (That one was overheard right here at the camp office, for the record!) OK, so here’s a quick primer about Gaga, from Program Supervisor, Brian Grigsby:

“Gaga is a fun game that anyone can play. To me it’s a safer version of dodgeball, where kids use their hands to hit a ball around the octagon ‘pit,’ trying to tag each other below the knees. Kids enjoy the game for a number of reasons. First, it allows most kids some success whether or not they are one of the final kids still in the pit. The games are usually pretty quick, so if they get tagged and leave the game, a new game starts within a few minutes. Secondly, from my experience at camps, just about every kid loves it, counselors included. I’m very psyched for this new addition!”

The Gaga Pit has been strategically placed near the Eagle section lunch area, to allow our oldest campers and their counselors a great option for play during the 2nd half of lunch.

Only 18 more days until the inaugural game of Gaga…but who’s counting?!

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