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What a sparkling week we’ve had to end the first half of the camp season, highlighted by Tuesday’s Overday for the Bear and Fox tribes. The Fox tribes enjoyed a low-key scavenger hunt as their Overday activity, while the Bear Tribes played games of Castle Ball, Volcanoes and Craters, and Noodle Tag before cooling down with a swim in the pools. All of the tribes were ready for a supper of pizza, tomatoes, carrots, and ice cream sandwiches.

Overday game wk 4

Parents, you saw some of our 175 incredible staff members at the Overday campfire, and the palpable energy and enthusiasm they bring to camp every day. You saw Iroquois head counselor Seth, called forth by John Fitz to dance to “Charlie on the MTA.” This is Seth’s 20th year at Sewataro, 10 years as a camper and 10 years as a counselor. Since Seth is a third-year medical student at Tufts, we didn’t expect him back this year, but by chance the break in his rotations occurred in July, and Seth jumped at the chance to be with us for part of the summer. You also saw Variety Head Ronni’s talent in teaching and orchestrating all of the camper songs and skits. Ronni is entering her senior year at UMass Amherst, double majoring in Music Education and Clarinet. No wonder she can sing “Catalina Magdelina Hoopenstein Wallenstein Hogan Logan Bogin.” We were delighted, of course, that John Fitz, who teaches at Fenn School when he’s not performing, was able to return from his educational mission in China in time for the Overday to lead us in all the old favorite camp songs.

Overday campfire wk 4

We sing the praises of our counselors because, no matter what the weather or what’s going on in their personal lives, they bring it! They watch over your children, listen to them, soothe hurt feelings, patch up misunderstandings, teach skills, lead cheers, and enter fully into the uninhibited spirit of play that is the essence of camp. We are continually surprised by the creativity and commitment of our counselors. For example, Seminole tribe leader Danny, who’s in his first year at Sewataro, worked with his friend Captain Durante to create a 4-week long treasure hunt, replete with multiple clues, false leads that saw Danny diving to the bottom of the swimming pond, and finally, a found treasure of gold doubloons. From Palisades, N.Y, Danny came to us from Camp Ramaquoit. He is a M.A. candidate in Elementary Education and Special Education at UMass Boston. Danny’s tribe assistant Liam, on the other hand, is in his ninth year at Sewataro, four as a camper, two as a CIT, and now two as a counselor. Liam will be a junior this fall at Brimmer & May School.

Seminole wk 4

To all of the 4.1 and 2.2 campers who are leaving us today, thanks for being part of the Sewataro community and for contributing to the Spirit of Sewataro. We hope all your expectations were met and exceeded. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces next year. For those of you continuing on into the second half of the camp season, wait till you see what awaits you!