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Thank you for being here with us at Sewataro. Summer has a way of sliding by before you know it, and those of you enrolled in Session 2.1 have come to the end of your Sewataro experience. We hope it was all you expected and more! We always strive for more. Campers, we hope that your time with us was filled with play, that you enjoyed your encounter with nature’s mysteries, that you were challenged by trying and learning new things, that you made new friends and renewed old friendships, and that you had lots and lots of fun. Parents, we hope you’ve heard happy stories each day about camp and seen growth even from your camper’s brief stay with us. Emotional growth is an important goal for us at Sewataro, and our entire staff embraces that goal and strives for its fulfillment. Our tribe counselors are in constant touch with their section supervisors about each child’s processing of camp experiences. And our terrific team of supervisors—Colleen, Kate, Amy, Brian, and Tara—meet with Monica every day after camp to review camper progress.

Overnight tent setup wk 2

Last night the Eagle campers had a blast at their Sewataro Overnight. Starting the afternoon with a swim and after-swim snack, they set up their tents, remembering to put up the all-important rain flaps for the expected inclement weather. Next they enjoyed Tribe Choice activities: Capture the Flag, Crackabout, Boating, Nature with Izzy, Tag Games, Fishing, Bus Stop, Gaga Ball, and Nia. By then everyone was ready to devour a dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, freshly shucked corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, and chips. Then came the piece-de-resistance – a campfire, over which s’mores were toasted and stories told. Not yet ready for bed? Eagle section supervisor, Colleen, knew that and had an awesome Counselor Hunt planned. The campers did their best Sherlock Holmes imitation and found 10 of the 13 hidden counselors. Nice job, Eagles! Then off to bed in their cozy tents sheltered from the overnight rain. The morning began with a 6:30 wake-up and a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, yogurt, grapes, bananas, orange juice, and hot chocolate with marshmallows, with Alex and Colleen doing the grilling. Before long, it was time to pack up the sleeping bags and get in a quick morning swim in the pools before a day of camp. What fun! Something for all you Bears and Foxes to look forward to when you’re an Eagle!

girls swimming wk 2

Monday begins a new two-week session and the continuation of fun for all you four-, six-, and eight-weekers. There’s lots of new excitement on the horizon. We can’t wait for it to begin.

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