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Need a silly goon…
for Friday afternoon
Who ya gonna call?

Need a Paintball Leader…
or a PD greeter
Who ya gonna call?

Jay Blog 1

“Camp is a blast and I love it! I love the campgrounds, the Taylors, the comraderie of the staff and the pine forest that we get to be in every day,” says Jay.

Born in Carbondale, IL and raised in Lexington, MA (where he eventually met his wife, Suzanne), Jay is an Instructional Assistant at Lexington High School in the Special Education department. He received his M.Ed. from Lesley University and has been at Lexington Public Schools since 2004.

Jay blog 3 Prior to becoming a teacher, Jay worked for many years in Environmental Policy, a field he loved. After graduating from Hartwick College, Jay went on to intern at the EPA, and then worked with the MA Department of Environmental Protection. The nature of this work, Jay says, has given him an added appreciation for Camp Sewataro’s commitment to safety. “Another reason I have enjoyed being a part of Sewataro – and why I keep coming back – is the dedication to preparation. We as counselors have to think through our activities and how they will impact our campers, not only for their enjoyment and involvement, but above all for their safety. At the Environmental Protection Agency, we looked into protecting the resources that we depend upon, and at camp we look into protecting the ones that depend on us…” Well said! Jay blog 4

When not instructing golf, target paintball or soccer, “Crazy Jay” antics reign supreme, and Jay never passes up an opportunity to make campers laugh (often at his own expense). He is perhaps best known for his Friday Special Event characters, most notably Animal from the Muppets (2012), Mr. Grumpy Pants (2015), and as the perennial Cat who inevitably comes back (you guessed it) the very next day. :)
“I love it,” Jay says. “…planning and figuring out the laugh and surprise factors, and then getting to see the campers’ reactions is the best!”

So, what does “Crazy Jay” like to do in his free time? (“What don’t I like to do may be an easier list,” he says.) Well, in addition to being a huge soccer and futsal fan (he’s been playing these sports since age eight), Jay is the owner/coach/manager of Netripper Futsal Club. A singer and drummer since the age of ten (formally trained by jazz drummer Alan Dawson), Jay still plays with friends once a week, doing cover tunes and the occasional instrumental improvisation. He’s a model railroading enthusiast (“…still!” he adds), who also loves cars.

Jays car Jay’s biggest pet peeve? “I can’t stand a dirty car! I will detail, wash, polish and clean every molecule of my car!” (His black-and-white, round-ish car goes by the name “Soccer Ball,” in case you were wondering.)

This summer marks an important milestone in Jay’s Sewataro career – 10 years on staff! – and on a more personal level, it’s the summer he’s been dreaming of for nearly a decade: “Can’t wait to see my son Carter become a counselor this year! He started as a Seminole, now he’s on staff…” Indeed, time flies when you’re having fun. :)