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2017 Olympic navy spirit

What a week! The Sewataro Olympics were fantastic as always. It’s a thrill to see our Camp ideals of Friendship, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Spirit burst forth in living color – Navy, Orange, and Green in this year’s case! We witnessed this during the Junior Camp/Ponca relay races, as campers cheered for the opposite team(s), and all shook hands afterward. We saw it after a “Capture the Noodle” competition when the Tuskies formed a bridge with their arms and encouraged their opponents (the Cheyenne) to run through the bridge as the Tuskies chanted, “Go through, go through, we appreciate you!” (In turn, the Cheyenne invited the Tuskies to participate in an “all hands in” cheer.) And we saw it during the Seneca/Erie Castle Ball competition where teams were very respectful of both the rules and each other.

2017 Ponca noodle relay

As a traditional day camp, our diverse schedule allows campers to try a wide range of different activities, each in a beautiful outdoor setting. We hope they try new things, and perhaps push themselves a little bit further each week. We hope they develop lifelong skills, while enjoying themselves in the process. And above all, we hope that Camp brings out the very best in every one of us, and good sportsmanship is right at the top of the list. In this regard (and so many others), we’re grateful to have a staff who serve as wonderful role models for our campers. It’s the little things they do – like when counselors Meghan of the Orange team and Rachel of the Blue team helped one another up after a mad scramble for the ball during an intense counselor basketball game – that teach children by example.

2017 Olympics bball game

We were all pushed to our limits during Wednesday’s surprising and intense electrical storm, and the grace under pressure that our counselors showed as they moved their campers to the safety of the Longhouse was commendable. We certainly do apologize for any and all inconveniences you and your children may have experienced as a result of the storm. Safety is our number one priority, and it simply was not safe to allow campers back into the tent area for bags, towels, and lunch boxes. We appreciated the many calls and emails we received from parents who wished to thank us for keeping their children out of harm’s way.

2017 Olympics orange spirit

Once again we are saying goodbye to many campers today, and that’s always sad. We’ve enjoyed getting to know you, and we’ve marveled at how much you’ve grown in the past two, four, or six weeks. We will miss you! Wishing you a wonderful school year, and can’t wait to see you back here next summer for more “Sewie style” fun and shenanigans. To our campers in sessions 8, 6.2 and 4.3, have a great weekend, and get ready for an exciting Week 7!

Yours in the Spirit of Safety, Friendship, Sportsmanship, and Fun,

The Taylors and all your friends at Sewataro