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Dear Friends,

Week three brought us the first of our two s’mores weeks, definitely one of the highlights for our campers. It’s always fun to watch the different marshmallow roasting strategies…golden brown, or burnt to a crisp! ;-) Even our Fox campers get a chance to make s’mores, taking turns joining the older tribes around our Campcraft fire, listening to songs and stories as they intently roast their marshmallows.

2018 rachel cannon

Another camper favorite took place at Closing Exercises on Tuesday. After receiving the Gizmo – and answering incorrectly – on three separate occasions, Rachel was awarded the dreaded Sewataro Cannon…dun, DUN, DUN!! A few whipped cream pies and buckets of water later, Rachel was still all smiles…our counselors are such great sports!

We finally got a break in the weather and Wednesday morning found us all gratefully enjoying the beautiful breezy 70 degree air! In the words of Van Morrison, “these are the days of the endless summer,” and there’s nowhere we’d rather be than at camp!

On Thursday our CITs headed off for a day at Project Adventure in Beverly, where they did a combination of low ropes, high ropes, and team-building challenges similar to our own Adventure Challenge program, followed by their first Camp Overnight!

2018 CIT PA

“At our overnight, we were lucky enough to have the entire Sewataro campgrounds to ourselves! We swam in the pond, jumped on the water trampoline, and kayaked, canoed, and paddleboarded around the pond (only one kayak capsized!). Afterwards, we had the challenge of assembling our own tents and cooking and cleaning a dinner of burgers, hot dogs, and grilled vegetables. In the pitch black, we played a campwide game of Manhunt and ended the night with s’mores at the campfire.”

The CITs woke up bright and early Friday morning, made themselves a pancake and bacon breakfast, broke down their tents, and headed off for a full day of camp, teaching swim lessons, assisting with the special event, and running the Eagle section’s first choice activities of the summer.

Friday brought us our rescheduled Water Carnival where we tried to determine “how many different ways can we get the campers wet?!?” Some highlights included “Sink Your Counselor,” “Over/Under,” “Dr. Dodgeball,” and the famous Sewataro “Slip ‘N Slide” down the hill in front of Alba’s!

2018 slip and slide

Our Water Carnival ended with the counselor Slip ‘n Slide relay competition, where the Bear section slid their way to victory! And in the grand finale battle of the supervisors, our section/program supervisors (Nathan, Dave, Nicole, and Brian) beat out the waterfront supervisors (Victoria, Kelly, Jenna, and Seth) to close out the 2018 Sewataro Water Carnival!! Nothing like some good clean (wet!) fun on a beautiful summer Friday afternoon!

We hope your campers finished the week with lots of stories, songs, and cheers, and perhaps some new friendships and accomplishments. We hope you have a wonderful weekend, and return to us on Monday ready to do it all over again!


The Taylors, Monica, and Emmy