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Hello and Happy November, Friends!

It’s hard to believe the last day of camp was three months ago – we miss our summer family! And to those of you who are new to Sewataro, a big, warm WELCOME from all of us. We can’t wait to see everyone soon, and in the meantime, read on for the latest news from your favorite summer camp…

Ownership Transition

As of October 28th, The Town of Sudbury officially owns these 44 amazing acres, and Camp Sewataro, LLC is now being operated by Scott Brody, and run by your fearless year-round Leadership Team:

from left: Cheryl, Nathan, Amy and Emmy

Our pledge to you is that we will continue running Sewataro as it’s been run, with the same standard of excellence and focus on giving children an unparalleled summer camp experience, just as the Taylors have done – and have taught us – over the past 60 years.

Leadership Team 2.0

We’re thrilled to announce that joining Nathan Latta as Co-Director is our own Amy Podolsky, who’s been in the Sewataro family since 2004, as a camper parent first, then Activity Counselor, Fox Tribe Leader, Fox Section Supervisor, Front Office Supervisor, and most recently Community Engagement and Event Manager. Nathan looks forward to continuing his camp partnership with Amy at the director level: “Amy understands Sewataro from all angles. She is a passionate advocate for our families, an electric source of inspiration for our staff, and a grounded leader unafraid to make bold decisions in line with Sewataro’s mission.” Together, Nathan and Amy’s complementary strengths – and their easy ability to collaborate – make for an ideal camp directorship.

And…as she steps into her 13th year at Sewataro, Emmy Niinimaki, our fearless Assistant Director, steps forward into the position of Operations Director. Mentored by Mark Taylor himself, Emmy has been integral to the development and maintenance of the camp you know and love. She is both qualified and ready to take on this important role, and we couldn’t be in better hands!

Joining Emmy as Assistant Director of Operations is Jeannine Lawless, who’s been part of the Sewataro family since she herself was a camper! Jeannine has worked many jobs at Camp over the years, (beginning as an office assistant when she was a teenager, and most recently as our Transportation Coordinator), and has worked closely with Emmy for several summers. In addition to her love of camp, Jeannine brings a background in communications and project management, and we are thrilled she’s part of the team.

And in other year-round staff news…

Sprouts Head Kristen Drummey joins the team as Community Liaison with the Town of Sudbury. Kristen is a Sudbury resident who has already hit the ground running with great ideas for off-season Town events and program-based community access. Kristen is undeniably perfect for this job, as she maintains a deep love of all things Sewataro, while also being extremely sensitive to – and mindful of – the needs of our town partners. Welcome, Kristen!

And introducing Ramon Torres, Sewataro’s new Property Manager, who has known and worked with Scott Brody for several years. Ramon always has a smile on his face, along with a “can-do” attitude, and we are very excited to have him on our team! Ramon comes to us from the Campion Center, where he served as Property Manager for several years.

Family Surveys

Thank you to the many families who took time to fill out a post-camp survey! We’ve read through each and every one, and your feedback is invaluable, as it lets us know where we’ve met/exceeded your expectations, and where there’s room for improvement. FYI, here are the top 3 most popular responses:

  1. Thank you, Mark Taylor!!
    We have shared each and every note with Mark, and he sincerely appreciates them, and feels the love! “I’ve kept them all,” he says. By the way, Mark is still around the property for the time being, training Ramon on the ins and outs of maintaining both the land and the camp. We feel confident that Ramon and his team, under Mark’s mentorship through the transition, and Emmy’s supervision come summer, will do a terrific job.

  2. Amazing Staff!
    As one parent wrote: “We cannot begin to express our gratitude to the counselors who made this by far the BEST summer ever for our children. They were all important role models who treated our children well and who our children want to emulate…” We could not agree more! We’re incredibly proud of our staff, who are our greatest asset. MANY have already told us they will be back next summer – hooray!

  3. We hope Sewataro goes on, as it’s been for the past 60 years – and don’t change any of the Traditions!
    Great news, friends! Sewataro 2.0 has already begun, and it’s going to be as fabulous, if not better than ever! The Green Gizmo, the Wacky Wheel of Wednesday, Friday Special Events, Overnights, Overdays, Olympics, etc., etc. are all here, and we’ve got even more fun and excitement in store for Summer 2020. Can’t wait!

Your feedback has also helped inform some of our improvement initiatives for next summer, including our decision to become a NUT-FREE camp (peanuts and tree nuts) from this point on. More details will be provided by Nurse Jen and Nurse Gail in our Spring mailing. Thank you!

Sewataro Gives Back

Our Annual Cradles to Crayons collection will begin next Monday, November 25th. This year, we’re joining C2C’s “Give Back With An Outfit Pack” drive, to provide children in need with a week’s worth of clothing. (Guidelines listed here.) Anything you choose to give will be greatly appreciated! C2C is an incredible organization, and our CITs love visiting the “Giving Factory” every summer as part of their service contribution.

The Cradles to Crayons collection box will be set up here in our winter office between the hours of 10am-4pm weekdays, and will be left in the vestibule on weekends. All donations will be taken to C2C on Wednesday, December 11th. Thanks in advance, and let the donation box be overflowing!

Additionally, on behalf of our Town partners, we invite you to make a donation to the Sudbury Board of Health Social Work Department’s Holiday Gift Program if you wish. This SignUp Genius link lists more information, as well as guidelines for giving.

That’s about all the news that’s fit to print, Friends! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and please know that we’re giving countless thanks and much gratitude for you, and for the opportunity to continue serving your amazing children in the years to come.