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Dear Friends,

A very warm welcome to our camper families who joined us this week and welcome back to those who are here for another session! Week three brought us the first of our two s’more weeks! We loved seeing all the camper’s different techniques for roasting marshmallows. Whether you like them golden brown or burnt to a crisp, there is nothing like the joy of biting into a delicious s’more. S’mores Week is definitely a favorite here for campers and counselors!

Fox and Bear section campers are getting excited about their first Overday of the summer this coming Tuesday! The Overday is an extension of camp in which campers participate in group games, water games and swim! After a camp-wide pizza party, campers will come together and sing traditional campfire songs! Families are welcome and can start arriving at 5:45 PM.

On Thursday at Closing Exercises, we were visited by the Royal Family, The King, Queen and their son Jack, in preparation for the Friday Special Event “King and Queen of Card.” The King and Queen explained that Jack was suffering from “Screen-itis”, and they needed the campers help! After learning about our “Unplugged Fun” initiative, they traveled all the way to Sewataro in search of the antidote. It was up to the campers to show Jack how to have fun without a device!

Friday morning’s showers did not stop campers from teaching Jack how to have some good old-fashioned fun. During the afternoon special event, campers traveled through stations playing classic games such as “Pictionary,” “Old Maid,” “War,” and “Twister.” It all lead up to the event’s finale at the Grassy Bowl.

We hope your campers had a wonderful week of camp filled with stories, cheering and laughter. We’ll see you here next week ready to do it all over again!


The Taylors, Nathan, and Emmy