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Dear Friends,

Week seven is always filled with so much excitement! On Monday, we welcomed our last session of two week campers! It was great seeing the joyfulness of these campers experiencing Sewataro for the first time this summer.

Down at Campcraft this week, camper and counselors enjoyed one of Sewataro’s many traditions: S’mores Week! Campers experienced, firsthand, all the different marshmallow roasting techniques from golden brown to burnt to a crisp! Wednesday brought us our second Gizmo Cannon of the entire summer! After receiving her third strike on Tuesday, Jess Trautman of the Zuni tribe received the Cannon at Closing Exercises.

On Thursday, the Eagle Section and Senior Campers took part in their second Overnight of the summer! Campers spent the evening playing “Know Your Counselors,” Water Games and swimming. Once the sun went down, campers enjoyed s’mores and the famous “Counselor Hunt.” Then it was off to bed and onto the next day!

Friday afternoon, tribes traveled around camp searching for iconic Toy Story characters while trying to avoid pesky martians. Campers had to find characters such as Jessie, Bo Peep and Forky in order to earn points. The tribes in each section that earned the most points received custom Toy Story pins! Congratulations to the Cherokee, Cayuga and Chinook tribes!

As the summer begins to wind down, we find ourselves reflecting on what we have accomplished these past seven weeks. Our goal each and every day is for campers to return home happy, and safe, with new experiences, life skills and stories to share!

We wanted to share with you a response we received from a recent Parent Survey:

“Above and beyond from start to finish. Clear and effective communication. It’s so obvious Sewataro is a well-oiled machine and cares about every little detail. My son had the best two weeks. He came home each day equal parts excited and exhausted.

It was truly a special two weeks for him personally but also for us as parents to experience through his eyes. I notice an increased confidence and maturity in him. He also seems to have a renewed appreciation and desire to play outside and work harder in sports.”

It’s hard to believe there is only one week of camp remaining, but there’s a lot more fun planned! Next Tuesday is the Fox and Bear section Overday! Rest up, have a great weekend and get ready for a fantastic week eight!


The Taylors, Nathan, and Emmy