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When our lovely camp was purchased by the Town of Sudbury last year, and leased by National Board Chair of the American Camp Association, Scott Brody, we thought that would be the headline of our summer. Oh boy, were we wrong. Despite a little thing you may have heard of, called COVID-19, an even stronger force will be happening this summer: SEWIE-2020!

This week our counselors brought their biggest mask covered smiles and high energy, ready to eagerly welcome your children, help them find their group, and make sure their name tags and lunches were all set. While we knew that the week’s arrival and dismissal procedures would take a bit longer than it does in a normal summer, we were all surprised at just how quickly everything fell into place each day. The screenings and temperature checks went as smooth as peanut butter, (which of course we don’t allow at camp ;) ), and while the weather doesn’t always cooperate with us, we’re fully prepared with numerous shelters, each carefully measured and checked for social distancing requirements, to keep our campers dry. We spare no effort to put your safety first, and we will continue to do so all summer, day in and day out.

That’s right, despite many changes and modifications, we are ready to rock and roll this summer, ensuring that our campers will get to enjoy summer as it should be… OUTDOORS! Yes, our groups may be limited to ten campers and two counselors, (in compliance with state guidelines), and we’ve also added extra groups to ensure that as many campers as we could safely allow can enjoy the beautiful forty+ acres of awesomeness we have to offer. While there are some changes, (masks, social distancing, LOTS of hand washing and/or hand sanitizer, etc.), some things never change. Things like the joy of scoring a goal in soccer, catching that fish, or making a new friend for life. It’s been 61 years, and while our world is changing at a seemingly lightning pace, sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the simple things.

At Camp Sewataro, we believe that there are certain irreplaceable life skills that we have to offer to our campers. Skills like making friends, treating others with respect, learning about nature and the outdoors, and of course: good old fashioned fun in the sun, (when the weather plays nice, of course). Despite social distancing, our campers will still have the chances to make life long relationships with each other and counselors this summer. We hope your children will come home everyday with a big smile on their face, and hopefully a story or two about their exciting day.

Also, you may wonder who I am? Some random person behind a screen, perhaps? My name is Josh Podolsky, and I’ve actually been at this camp, which I’m proud to call my second home, for sixteen years. I was a camper here for seven summers, a CIT for two summers, and I spent my last six summers teaching tennis. Now I’ve transitioned to being the communications associate, which includes your child’s weekly group write ups, as well as the camp wide Sewataro Signal newsletter. This summer, since we can’t have physical visitors, (for safety related reasons), my goal is to try and paint you just a bit more of a picture of the magic that Sewataro offered me, and continues to offer children year after year. How I can I possibly give you a perfect picture of the camp? Well I can’t is the thing, though I’ll certainly try my hardest. BUT, if you go to your camp in touch account each day, you can see all the lovely photos and videos of the camp. Also, you already have the most terrific storytellers of your very own… your children themselves!