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Tired of wearing bland clothing that doesn’t have images of branches and pine cones on them? Well, worry no more, because we just launched our new Camp Store! We’ve teamed up with new distributor Camelot Enterprises for some awesome new merch.

Comfy Pajamas? We got ‘em! How about an adult sweatshirt with a hood for when it rains at the little league games? You better believe we got it! Ladies’ lounge pants? Oh yeah, we got those (new item by the way)! Classic bags, hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, but with the new 2020 logo? All made with nice material and reasonably priced? Yes, yes, and yes.

A nice gingham shirt that goes well with khakis and boat shoes for those going out to dinner occasions? … ok no, we don’t have that one. But we do have plenty of old classics, and a few nice new additions, and we’re also very excited about the great selection of colors, with cool names such as: Kiwi, Lagoon, Island Reef, Watermelon, Sea Foam, Cardinal, Charcoal, and everyone’s favorite…Red.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to our website, click at the top where it says Store and enjoy some sweet merch!