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If you were to take a stroll around camp this week, what might you see? Starting with a walk down to our waterfront, you’d likely see campers happily throwing a ball around in the water, diving for toys at the bottom of the pool, or perhaps even creating a camp family “whirlpool.” Keep walking to the Bear Cave, and you would see children roasting marshmallows at Campcraft, (it’s S’mores Week!), and beyond that, the Fishing Pond lined with children hoping to catch the biggest bass in the pond, or perhaps asking a counselor to put a fresh worm on their hook. Look into the middle of the pond and you’d see campers in canoes, kayaks, and even stand-up paddleboards!

Up at the Arts and Crafts building you’d find campers creating their very own unique pins, which you can expect to see when they get off the bus, or into the car! At the Creative Arts tent, you’d find Avery either reading a story to our Fox campers…or designing an art project based on that story. And on courts and fields all around the property, you’ll see children running, jumping, playing, dancing, and laughing with their “campfams,” led by their incredibly dedicated counselors. Our staff is second to none, and we are proud of them every day for bringing such great energy, enthusiasm, and, above all, care for their campers’ well-being to camp.

By walking around the property, you’d see, in short, “summer as it should be.” We regret that we cannot have visitors with us this summer, however, we hope the daily photos and videos – along with the stories and smiles around the dinner table – will give you a sense of the Sewataro magic. We are grateful beyond words to have your amazing kiddos with us this summer!