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Dear Friends,

We know what Albert Einstein was talking about when he coined the phrase, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Week 4 was, in a word, EPIC!

Tuesday’s Closing Exercises were interrupted by evil sorcerer Jafar, (of Disney “Descendants” fame), who put an “Apathy Curse” on Assistant Director Ciaran. As a result, Ciaran was very sleepy, and had difficulty functioning! On Wednesday we found him lounging on the rave bouncer during Closing, on Thursday morning he was alternating between sleeping and coloring, and by Friday morning the spell had also reached Decker of the Waterfront and Renee of Fox section fame. Jafar’s son, Jay, also showed up, and informed Camp of the only known antidote to the Apathy Curse: a Fairy Godmother’s wand, which could only be summoned by…loud cheering, particularly of the following cheer: “The strength of evil/ is good as none,/ when stands before /OUR VOICE as one!” Needless to say, our campers and counselors knocked it out of the park! The afternoon culminated with a visit from Mal and Jay, who summoned Fairy Godmother’s wand with the power of the cheer, defeated Jafar, and restored order to our Leadership Team. Thank you, campers, for all of your help! We are pleased to report that Ciaran, Decker, and Renee have returned to their enthusiastic and camp-loving selves! :)

It’s hard to believe we’re at the halfway point in the summer – where has the time gone?! We are savoring every day together, and seeing our campers and counselors happily playing in the sunshine is the absolute best. For those of you who were with us for sessions 4.1 or 2.2, we thank you for being with us, and we thank you for being YOU! We will miss you, and hope to see you back in 2022 for more Sewie magic!

And to those of you who are continuing on with us, get ready for an AWESOME Week 5!
Have a great weekend all, and parents…thank you for sharing your terrific children with us!

With warmth and gratitude from camp,
Amy, Emmy, Jeannine, Ciaran and the entire Leadership Team