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Dear Friends,

Camp Sewataro is steeped in tradition, and one of our very favorites is Olympics Week. To say campers and staff were “into it” would be an understatement! It’s been amazing to watch groups coming together, in a sea of red, yellow, and green, and their sheer determination to get those Olympic points through sportsmanship, safety, and of course, SPIRIT! Even Thursday’s “liquid sunshine” couldn’t dampen the energy, and we are very grateful to have such a dedicated staff who show up each and every day, ready to help campers have the time of their lives. These are the most precious of summer memories, and we are savoring every day together. It’s hard to believe that our 6.1, 4.2, and 2.3 campers have finished out their sessions; they will be missed!

To our friends leaving us today, we thank you for being a part of the Sewataro community – it wouldn’t have been the same without you, and we can’t wait to see you back next summer! Parents, as always, we thank you for your trust in us, and for sharing your amazing children with us this summer.

We wish you all a safe, fun, and restful weekend, and for those of you continuing on with us for the last two weeks: buckle up for more fun and excitement! Next week is S’mores!

Amy, Emmy, Jeannine, Ciaran, and the entire Leadership Team

The 2021 Sewataro Olympics:

Tuesday morning began our 15th annual Sewataro Olympics. The captains from the Red, Yellow, and Green teams energized the whole camp, and lit the Sewataro tiki torch. After Declan of the TanOak sang the Sewataro National Anthem, the games were officially underway! Throughout the week, campers earned points at their activities both through group challenges , and by showing good spirit, respect, and sportsmanship.

Wednesday morning brought Camp Sewataro’s first counselor event — the inaugural counselor limbo contest. Each team sent up three counselors, and the contest eventually came down to a duel between Red team’s Elijah, and Yellow team’s Noah, both of Adventure Challenge. With all of camp looking on in support, Elijah narrowly squeaked out a victory, winning 100 points for the Red team, while Yellow earned 50, and Green 25.

The rain postponed the counselor Olympic events on Thursday. However, no amount of rain could stop the Sewataro spirit! At the end of the day each team enjoyed a pep rally, complete with learning team cheers and getting pumped up by team captains.

On Friday morning Camp Sewataro was treated to the counselor water balloon slingshot competition. Three counselors from each team attempted to launch water balloons out of elastic exercise bands onto a target that was spread across the roof of the pond house. The slingshots ended up being much trickier than anticipated, and only the Yellow team managed to even come close to the pond house! The event was the perfect way to kick off the final day of the Olympics, and helped set the tone for the day ahead. Campers headed off for one last day of fun-filled competition.

In the afternoon all of camp gathered at the dot spots for the Olympic finale. Announcers Stan Ballswell and Grian Brigsby set the stage for the Olympic time trial relays. Each team individually competed in a relay race in events such as the sprint, hippity hop, swimming, and pool noodle javelin, concluding with a basketball shot. The team with the lowest time would win. All three teams were within a mere seven seconds of one another, but when the dust settled, the red team had the closest time, with just a shade under a minute and a half.

Following the relay, each team’s captains performed their cheer with their team. Finally the points were tallied up and read aloud. While the entire Olympics came down to a razor thin margin of less than 200 points, the red team took home the gold, followed by the green and then yellow teams. Congratulations to everyone, and we hope you all had a spirited Olympics!