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Hello and Happy Friday, Friends!

It’s hard to believe that Week 7 – the penultimate week of the camp season – is in the books. It was hot, but the campers were cool, thanks to our dedicated and conscientious counselors, who made sure everyone was hydrated and happy. The one and only Nurse Gail made an appearance at Opening Exercises on Thursday morning, urging everyone to drink lots of water, to take it “low and slow,” and to go through the Camper Car Wash “early and often.” It was also S’mores Week, (a Sewataro favorite!), and as one friend pointed out, “the heat wave makes the chocolate even meltier!” Silver linings abound. ;)

This week we learned about many different countries during our “Around the World” themed Friday, and every group received a flag and a puzzle piece of a different country. At the grassy bowl the supervisors used all of the puzzle pieces to solve the puzzle and “put the world back together!”, displaying a beautiful world map. This week’s special event was a great way for campers to learn more about the world around them. Ask your camper what fun fact(s) they learned about their country!

We wish you a safe and enjoyable weekend, and hope you will find your own fun ways to beat the heat. (As Nurse Gail says, “Lots and lots of water!”) We can’t wait to see our campers back on Monday, for what will be the last-but-not-least week of the camp season – the best is yet to come!

With smiles and gratitude from camp,
Amy, Emmy, Jeannine, Ciaran and the entire Leadership team