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Ben S.

Ben started as a sprout and grew up at camp, spending 10 years as a camper before starting straight in as a counselor. Highly regarded by campers, counselors and directors, Ben was appointed as an adventure challenge facilitator in only his second year as a counselor.

“It’s the people that keep me coming back. I’ve met my best friends as both a camper and counselor at Sewataro, and getting to spend more time with them, as well as being outside and having fun all summer is why I come back summer after summer.”

Like most former campers, his favorite memories include Olympics, s’mores and the Green Gizmo.

In his spare time Ben enjoys skiing, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and playing cards.

Education: Lincoln-Sudbury RHS | studying toward BA Chemistry & BA Economics

Trivia: 2024 will be Ben’s 15th Sewataro summer!