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Tom M.

For his 10th Sewataro summer, Tom is stepping into the role as Creative Lead (a role that could not be more fitting!)

And while Tom is a highly experienced and highly regarded sports counselor – and formerly a music counselor and fishing assistant – he may be best known around camp as “the guy with the sign and the smile” during car and bus arrival in the morning. Or perhaps he’s best known as Brandon’s singing sidekick at closing exercises.

Regardless, Tom’s enthusiasm and diversity of experience and expertise make him an ideal and valuable member of the Sewataro staff.

“It didn’t take long for camp to be one of my favorite places. With my career path, the only explicable reason I can give is just the sheer amount of fun it is. The people, the atmosphere, and the collective dedication to just safely enjoy the summer in as many creative, goofy and loud ways as possible. Kid or adult, it’s just a lot of fun.”

“I think I’m just a weirdo and I embrace it. I love making people laugh, I want to make people smile. If that means being an oddball to generate that, so be it.”

Education: Assabet Valley Technical HS | BA Journalism, University of Massachusetts

Away from Camp: sports reporter, Boston Herald