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Brie B

Brie is super excited for Camp and is looking forward to being a great example and leader for Fox Section campers.

“I absolutely love working [at Camp;] not only did I have a blast working with the kids and being a role model for them, but my fellow staff were so awesome and supportive. Being a counselor and having the kids look up to you is such an amazing feeling. The whole atmosphere of Sewataro is fun, welcoming and an overall blast. Knowing that you’re giving the kids an awesome summer, and making life-long friends on staff is so rewarding.”

In her spare time Brie loves to be outside and go on adventures with her friends or her dog (or both). She also loves to read and (try to) crochet.

Education: Lincoln-Sudbury RHS | studying toward BA Marine Biology & BA Education

Trivia: can cross one eye at a time