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Carly C.

For Carly’s 20th summer at camp, she will be working with the greatest team of nurses in the history of summer camps. Carly is a Sewataro lifer with her first summer being in 2002 as a camper (she was in the MicMac!) followed by 7 more camper summers and 2024 will be her 12th summer on staff. She calls herself the “Camp Historian” - a title she has defnitely earned! She has worked with hundreds of campers over the years as a group assistant, group leader, and the Senior Camp Head.

Some of Carly’s favorite camp memories involve activities she participated in as a camper (including the retired “Circus Games” activity). Winning the clean tent award always made her happy as well as being called up for the Green Gizmo:

“I think the fact that I once correctly answered a green gizmo question to the point where Doug had to make sure I wasn’t cheating really stands out among all time camp achievements.”

Carly’s extensive camp expererience as well as nursing education will make her a great fit in the nurse’s office this summer!

Education: Concord-Carlisle HS | B.A. English Literature, St. Lawrence University 2020 | B.S. Nursing, MGH Institute of Health Professions 2024

Trivia: She once ate 7 S’mores in one sitting at camp! (Don’t try this at home!)