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Imy T.

Imy is very excited to begin her Sewataro experience. She is coming to us from Kent, UK. You heard that right, the United Kingdom! When asked about what she is most looking forward to about Sewataro, she had this to say:

“I am super excited to be joining Camp Sewataro this year. I am looking forward to being immersed in American culture, meeting new people, and making this summer a memorable one. I want to work as a counselor so I can bring alternate life experiences to the kids and give them new opportunities as well as myself. I love to have fun and I can’t wait to spend the summer being a kid again.”

In her free time, Imy enjoys painting, knitting, working out and running, as well as reading and walking her dogs. She loves the outdoors (especially a rainy day - that’s why she loves living in England!)

Education: Maidstone Grammar School | Nottingham Trent University - Sociology, year 2

Trivia: Can do a one-handed cart wheel!