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Olivia Howry

Olivia has migrated from her recent role of Adventure Challenge Head to the newly created position assisting Brian Grigsby supervising the Camp’s activities and activity counselors.

“Activities at camp are important to campers because oftentimes they are things campers don’t experience during the [school] year. Activities are fun and exciting, but also teach those soft social emotional skills that kids need. They give kids opportunities to learn and grow and develop into the best versions of themselves.”

For fun Olivia heads to the trails or the beach and also enjoys camping and playing with her dog Frankie.

“I love camp because it’s always been a place I could be myself and get to spend the majority of my day outside which I love.”

Education: Lexington HS | BA Aviation Management, Westfield State College

Away from Camp: outdoor educator at a forest school program in Milton teaching K-5 STEM

Trivia: takes an adult freestyle karate class