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Claire Paulson

Joining our year round team is Claire Paulson as our Office Coordinator! Claire will be overseeing all things transportation and communications and is thrilled to step into her new role.

Claire has been a part of the Sewataro community since 2016. She has worked her way up the ranks as a Group Assistant, Group Leader, Extra, and spent two summers working in the office as our Transportation Coordintator. She loves everything about camp and her favorite traditions are the Wacky Wheel of Wednesday and the Friday Special Events!

“Camp has had such a tremendous impact on my life. It has seen me in so many stages of my life from high school to college and beyond. I have evolved and changed so much, so to get to work here as my full-time job is like a dream come true!”

Outside of camp Claire enjoys reading, traveling, attending concerts, and spending time with family & friends.

Education: Marian HS | BS Psychology, University of Rhode Island | BA Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Rhode Island

Trivia: She was a Cast Member at Walt Disney World in 2023!