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Ryan S

Ryan started out as a Sewataro camper in 2011 and stuck around for six years before going through the CIT program, which he attributes to his growth as a leader.

“Shadowing counselors as a CIT provided me with so many experiences and lessons about confidence and leadership, and I attribute that program to my growth as a leader in my teenage years.”

He returns to camp as a counselor each year because of the people and because of the culture on the Ledge.

“I love working at Camp Sewataro because of the connections I get to make with the campers, and lasting friendships with other counselors as well. It is a very close community and causes me to jump out of bed every morning.”

“I return to camp every year because I feel welcomed and safe, and I know I won’t have as much fun in a job as I will at Sewataro.”

Ryan listens to music every chance he gets and loves playing guitar and basketball.

Education: Westborough HS | studying toward BA Economics

Trivia: three-point shooting