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It’s been a glorious third week of camp. The CITs, led by Tara and Pete, went canoeing on the Charles River. The Wacky Wheel of Wednesday resulted in a Mega Cannon for Josh that thrilled the whole camp. The Eagle Section and Senior Camp, after a delicious cook-out, enjoyed a perfect evening under the stars for their Overnight, orchestrated superbly by Colleen. And the week crescendoed with the Sewataro Water Carnival and entertainment by Ooch. Whew! It should be no surprise if campers and counselors alike went home tired and smiling at the end of the week.

Sewataro is a miracle of moving parts that relies, like a successful soccer team, on teamwork and spacing. Our counselors, talented and dedicated to providing our campers with the best possible experience, all have their own roles to play whether they be tribe counselors, activity counselors, swim counselors, or office staff.

Some counselors are bus monitors; some greet campers as they arrive in the morning and help them into their cars in the afternoon; some help coordinate car and bus movements; some lead singing, skits, or entertainment at Closing Exercises; some take photographs or shoot footage of priceless camper moments like catching that first fish; some observe and report via newsletters what tribes are doing.

Fun, learning, and safety are the triadic foundation of all they do, and they work together to achieve these goals. Campers are guided, enabled, and inspired to engage in all of our activities in the same spirit of teamwork and cooperation. As we saw at the Water Carnival, there is nothing wrong with competition, as long as it is done with good sportsmanship and respect for others.

We’ve had great weather so far. Let’s hope it lasts the entire summer.