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Dear Parents and Campers,

And just like that, we’re at the halfway point for this year’s camp season! After a year’s worth of work and preparation, it always amazes us how fast the camp weeks go by. One of our more newsworthy events happened early Monday morning, when a heron tried to steal a fish from a camper while it was still hooked to the camper’s fishing rod! Luckily we have Mark Taylor – and his bottomless bag of tricks – who managed to scare away the bird without incident…but definitely a lot of excitement down at our fishing pond!

As you know, we had to make the very difficult decision to postpone the Overday based upon the increased severity in Tuesday’s weather forecast. We don’t take these decisions lightly, as we know the additional coordination and expense caused by last-minute changes, but as always, our number one priority is the safety of our campers and their families. We were delighted that so many of you were able to join us on Wednesday evening for our campfire hosted by John Fitzsimmons and Friends! It was a great success.

On Thursday, our Senior Camp tribes (Hopi and Zuni) headed off for a hike in the Wachusett Mountain State Reservation. Always a favorite field trip for our oldest campers, Thursday’s weather could not have been more perfect for a day spent exploring with friends. Visit our Facebook page for photos!

In preparation for Friday’s special event, we were paid a visit by DJ Pennybags, son of the original Mr. Monopoly, who arrived with an invitation to “the biggest dance party Sewataro had ever seen!” The only problem? A ticket to the party cost $2,000 per tribe!! Friday’s Special Event was full of challenges where campers could earn (Monopoly) money to attend DJ Pennybags’ dance party – all by playing a real-life campwide version of the classic Monopoly game and working their way across the board. From Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk, Free Parking, Jail, and GO – it was all there! The Iroquois, Cree, and Chickasaw earned the most money in their respective sections, and all of our tribes successfully made it to “The MonoPARTY!!”

We celebrated the end of week four with “Chicken Fat” on Friday morning (a song commissioned for President Kennedy’s youth fitness program in 1962), led by Mark and the Sewataro Chicken. At Closing Exercises, a special “Echo Taps” was performed by Seth and Isaiah to cap off the week.

The end of a session is always bittersweet for us, but we love seeing how much our campers have grown and developed while here. If your family is leaving us today, thank you for sharing your children with us and contributing to our Sewataro community. We look forward to seeing you all next summer!


The Taylors, Monica, and Emmy